Archdiocese Info

2020 Holy Day and Holiday Schedule


  • Monday, October 12             Columbus Day
  • Thursday, November 26        Thanksgiving Day
  • Friday, November 27             Day after Thanksgiving
  • Tuesday, December 8            Immaculate Conception (not a Holy Day)
  • Thursday, December 24         Christmas Eve
  • Friday, December 25              Christmas Day


Letter to the Parish regarding Covid mandates from the Archdiocese

Dear Parishioners,

The church doors are open!  Yes, we are open, but there are some guidelines we will follow. Guidelines are in place for the time being as health & safety precautions for all of our members.  You can always check out the Archdiocese of Cincinnati website and review them at any time.  Things may change as we go along and we’ll do our best to keep you apprised through bulletin information, through our website and Facebook page.


* The faithful continue to be dispensed from the Sunday obligation to attend Mass.  Those who are at risk and/or have health issues are encouraged to stay at home and continue to view a live-streaming Mass and make an act of spiritual communion.

*Weekday Masses are as follows: Daily Mass on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8 am or communion service if Father White’s health is poor that day.  He will have private Mass for the daily intention if he isn’t having public Mass.

*Weekend Masses are as follows: (1) Saturday Mass at 5:30 pm and (1) Sunday Mass at 10:30 am.

*Confessions are available by appointment and after daily Mass.  Just let Ann Kolb or Father know you'd like to make a confession.

*Anointing of the sick is available by appointment.

*Please call the office in advance to schedule a baptism.

*Masks are now required by the State.  There will be masks available at the entrances to the church, if you don’t have one.  Please pick one up.  You may take it home with you and keep it.  There are wipes and hand sanitizer at the doors.  Our staff will be cleaning everything after each Mass.  If you come in during the day to pray, feel free to wipe down the areas that you come in contact with using wipes located at the doors.

*A six foot distance is required.   Families who come in together do not need to keep this distance from each other but please be respectful of your distance from others in the parish.  Families will sit on Mary’s side of the church and individuals on Joseph’s side.  Ushers will dismiss rows for receiving communion.  Please keep a six foot distance at all times.  Pews will be marked for seating.  The middle aisle carpet will be marked for receiving communion.  We are not having children serve at Mass at this time. 

*If the church is full, there will be a sign posted at the front doors.

*There will only be 1 Mass per scheduled day.  If it happens that a funeral is scheduled, that will be the Mass for the day. 

*There will be no books in the pews.  There will be music but no singing from the congregation.  We may have a cantor.

*There won’t be Holy water in the fonts.

*The gifts of bread and wine will be at the credence table in the sanctuary.

*No physical contact at the Our Father or Sign of Peace.

*Distributors will use hand sanitizer before Holy Communion.

*We will receive Holy Communion reverently in the hand.

*No books or papers to be left in the pews.  Please take a Word & Song book home with you and bring it back to Mass each time, if you like.  You could also follow along with the readings from an app, like Laudate, from your phone.

*There will be 2 collection baskets located on the steps in front of Mary and Joseph’s altars for collections.  Please drop your collection in the basket after receiving Communion.

*Children’s Liturgy of the Word will be resumed when the pandemic is over.

*Ushers will be available to help with questions and/or direction.

*To obtain SCRIP, please contact the school at 937-548-2345.

* Father White’s health is an ongoing concern.  Each day, we will see if he is up to the task of celebrating Mass.  Some days, he is in too much pain.  On those days, we will have a communion service.  Please continue to keep Fr. White in your prayers.

*If you have any symptoms of illness, please stay home.

This process is what the government has called a “soft opening”.  We will figure out what works, what doesn’t and try to improve as we go.  Please be patient with us.   As the Governor says, “we are in this together”   We’ll get through it together.  Christ will light our way.

We are thankful to be able to worship together again, whatever that looks like.   We’ve missed all of you!


Fr. John White and The Staff at St. Mary’s Church