Mary's Helpers


In this Year of Mercy consider using your talents for mercy’s sake. St. Mary’s Helper’s is a group dedicated to faith, action and hope. We live our faith in an offering of time, talent, and treasure. We share with others what God has given us.

We invite all parishioners to join St. Mary’s Helpers in this Year of Mercy, by sharing your time, talent and treasure.

We invite you to comfort those who mourn, consider being a member of the bereavement team. Use your cooking skills and show compassion by helping with funeral dinners, which is a joint effort of Mary’s Helpers and the Rosary Altar Society. Serve those who seek unity with the Body of Christ, become a member of the welcome committee. Celebrate our children’s reception into the Family of Christ, help with Birth to Five. Comfort the Lord, Dedicate time for weekly adoration.

There are many more ministries in the Church and school that need your help. To find out more about these programs call or join us at our monthly meeting the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 10:00am at the Greenville library on the 3rd floor.


Ginny Metzcar 548-0187

Chris Stamcoff 548-6994

Rita Myers-548-1463



Stewardship Prayer

God my Creator, you made me all that I am and gave me all that I have. Help me show my gratitude by using these gifts to serve others in your name.

Jesus my Redeemer, you taught me the way to eternal life by your example of loving service to others. Grant me the courage to respond to your call to Discipleship by following in your footsteps.

Holy Spirit of God, be with me as I choose each day to put you first in my life. Let me be a model of Christian Stewardship so others will come to know you through my actions.

I pray, dear Lord that you open the minds and hearts of all the men, women and young people of our parish, that we may joyfully accept your challenge to be good stewards. Amen.