Parish School of Religion (PSR)

See below the letter for resources. I add new ones almost every day. Please send me web destinations that you enjoy. (3/30/20)

March 24, 2020

My dear families in Christ,

We are being called to witness our love of Christ to our children in unprecedented times. Your response to the global pandemic and the “stay-at-home” order will be part of your children’s formation in faith. 

The Church documents teach us that you, the parents, are the principal catechists of your children. Full stop, nothing held back. During normal times, the parish assists you with Masses, catechism classes, brunches and sacraments. Sometimes there are even those dreaded parent meetings. 

But now in this unusual time, without even Mass, you are it. The value, the emphasis, the hope and the delight that you place on your faith is the faith that you will pass on. I am praying for all of you in your own church of the home, the domestic Church.  

As a representative of our parish and Father White, I want to be here to help you in any way that I can. I will send out updated information about Masses and sacraments as I learn them. I also want to help with prayer aids, instruction, community, and catechesis. Your catechists are reaching out as they learn to function online. 

In addition, this week I will be working to revamp the PSR page of the parish website to become a resource page. 

On this page you will find sites to help with prayer, movies about saints, informational and interactive religious instruction and current Church news. I invite everyone to share their happy finds with me and I will add them to the website. 

There are also options for face-to-face conversations and instructions that I will be looking into as well. Again, send all ideas and feedback. Zoom and Google classroom are already on my radar. 

Most importantly, let us pray for one another. Pope Francis has asked us to pray one Our Father at noon tomorrow on the Feast of the Annunciation. One simple step; we can pray together the prayer that unites us as Christians. If you want to pray when the Pope is praying, you will need to get up at 7:00 am our time, but otherwise noon will be good. 



Monica Masso-Rivetti

Director of Religious Education

Saint Mary’s Church, Greenville 

Resource Links


Vatican Links and Information

Decree of the Apostolic Penitentiary on the granting of special Indulgences to the faithful in the current pandemic, 20.03.2020

Article on the Indulgence offered in time of pandemic.

Catholic Universities

Franciscan University at Steubenville has set up an entire page of links to Catholic resources on the web including classes and Masses

Steubenville website with series you can watch.WildGooseTV


Facebook live Masses on Ascension Press

Facebook live: Jeff Cavins live events at 8 pm Monday evenings in April Will cover the entire Bible in one month. All videos saved on their facebook page.

Magnifikid is making their entire April issue available online.   A great Mass resource for children. Website also has coloring pages.