Parish School of Religion (PSR)

(Last edit: 6/23/21)

Thanks for everything. Blessings on all your family this summer and always.  

This fall Saint Mary’s religious education classes for students in grades first through twelve will be in person on Wednesday evenings. 

The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd atrium for preschool and kindergarten religious education will be on Sunday mornings before 10:30 am Mass.  We are also hoping to have the atrium open on Wednesday evenings for families for whom that would would better. 

For families for whom this would be beneficial, we will also offer religious education sessions for elementary students on Sunday mornings before the 10:30 am Mass. If your family would be interested in Sunday religious education classes, please notify me.  

All families who choose to homeschool the formal religious education of their children will have access to parish curriculum and resources as well as all youth communal prayers and activities. 

The primary responsibility for the religious education of our children is in the domestic church of our homes supported by the pastor and the parish. I pray for all families of the parish each day and I work to support you in any way that I can. Do I have your most up-to-date information?

This summer Saint Mary’s is offering a chance for the youth of the parish to experience small group discussions around the exciting video series The Search. These evenings are built around prayer and personal reflection that lead into the group sessions. This is a 7-part series, however, youth are invited to attend as many as they are able. The first session is Wednesday, June 9.  Click here for more information!

Are you following the archdiocesan Beacons of Light that is working to form groups of parishes into Families of Parishes

for increased parish vitality and a greater response to the mission of the Church in the world? 

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From Pope Francis:

Our Eucharistic celebrations are transforming the world to the extent

that we are allowing ourselves to be transformed and to become bread broken for others.


Please see me if you are interested about learning more about the faith formation offered at Saint Mary's in our Parish School of Religion.

Enrollment for preschool students for our new Catechesis of the Good Shepherd atrium is now open. Contact me if you have any questions. Children must be three years old by September 2021. Books available for further study.


Monica Masso-Rivetti

Director of Religious Education

Saint Mary’s Church, Greenville 


[email protected]