Below is a list of the opportunities to serve at St. Mary's Church.  Here is a link to our Stewardship Volunteer form.  Please print, fill it out and drop in the collection on any given Sunday.  Someone will follow up with you as soon as is possible.


Rev. Nov, 2017
Greeter – You are the first to greet God’s family as they come to worship. You welcome them warmly and cheerfully. You can sign up for the Mass you prefer to attend.
Gift Bearers – Bearers go to the rear of the church when the ushers come forward to take the collection. When the ushers are finished taking the collection, take those and the Offertory Gifts up to the altar and Father, Deacon and/or the servers will come to the steps when you are seen to be ready.
Sacristan – You are part of a team that would be responsible for such duties as cleaning vestments and linens, stocking sacristy supplies, maintaining the Holy Water and other miscellaneous tasks to keep things in the sanctuary in order. Training and a handbook will be made available.
Cantor – You would be singing solo or as part of a duet or trio. The frequency of Mass commitment is flexible to your schedule. There would be practice during the week before the Mass.
Adult / Youth Choir – There are four weekly practices leading up to performances at Christmas and/or Easter. Practices are currently on Monday evenings for the Adult Choir and Thursday evenings for the Youth Choir.
Funeral Choir – You should be available on weekday mornings, typically around 10:30 a.m. Two or three days’ notice is usually available.
Musical Instrumentalist - You would be playing solo or as part of a small group. The frequency of Mass commitment is flexible to your schedule. There would be practice during the week before the Mass.
Parish Council – This is an advisory group that assists the pastor in reviewing the activities in the parish, looking for opportunities for engagement and outreach, and providing guidance in resolving issues within the parish.
Education Commission – This is an advisory group that works with the pastor and DRE in reviewing the education programs in the parish and looks for opportunities for growth and improvement.
Stewardship & Development Committee – This group meets to review current programs and develop new opportunities to raise funds for St Mary’s School and parish. This group also coordinates identifying volunteers of time and talent.
Parish Library - Volunteers would assist in maintaining and organizing the parish library located in the vestibule. As newer materials become available, worn out materials can be identified for disposal.
Parish Picnic - Are you interested in having a parish picnic gathering in the summer or early fall. This would be an opportunity to help coordinate the gathering, identify resource requirements and plan activities for all ages to create an environment for fellowship.
Rev. Nov, 2017
Gardening / Yard Work – There are a number of flower beds on the parish campus that need some tender loving care. You can commit to a regular schedule or offer to help with special seasonal projects.
Church Cleaning – This is an opportunity to make our House of Worship a clean environment. You could assist with vacuuming, dusting and organizing on a regular basis and there are thorough cleanings before Easter and Christmas.
Maintenance Project Skills – If you have special skills such as carpentry or plumbing, we may be able to use your skills for various parish projects. The parish would love to know if you have special skills that could help in the maintenance of the parish facilities. Depending on the skill or project, we may need proof of insurance.
Cemetery Care – Volunteers help with the preparation and cleanup of new graves and monitor overall maintenance of the cemetery grounds.
Maintenance Committee – Volunteers should have a background in maintenance and would be part of a team that would review the maintenance of the parish facilities. They would make recommendations to the pastor and parish maintenance staff.
Visits to Nursing Homes – Visit and/or take communion to parishioners who are homebound, in a nursing home or Catholics who maybe in the hospital. Training, guidance and support is provided.
Cards to the Sick and Homebound – Keeping in touch through greeting cards and notes to our sick, homebound, and nursing home members. You would be given a list of people with whom to keep in touch and then report back to the ministry of care coordinator.
Giving Tree Committee – Every year, the parish sponsors individuals or families who are in need of some Christmas cheer, where we can bring the joy of Jesus to them. Assistance is needed in some of the administrative efforts of gathering and reviewing the requests and preparing the tags. Help is also needed on the day of delivery with sorting out gifts and making sure they make it to their destination.
Prayer Chain – Did you know that St. Mary’s has a prayer group that shares prayers requested for those in need, whether they be a parish member or someone else in need? You can be part of this email distribution to become a “prayer warrior” of the parish in this special way.
Soup Kitchen – Our parish hosts the GRACE community soup kitchen one day every month. This program offers the opportunity to serve a meal on our designated day or to help with food preparation or provide supplies in advance.
FISH - In addition to our annual food drive in November, we take donations for the FISH food pantry all year long. We need volunteers to help transport that food to FISH on an on-going basis from the parish. You can also volunteer to serve at their facility.
Rev. Nov, 2017
• Welcome Committee – This committee’s goal is to contact each new member of the parish by mail. Each family is invited to a supper, where they can enjoy a casual gathering and evening of fellowship.
• Birth to Five – This ministry provides baby quilts to new babies baptized in the parish. The relationship continues with small gifts and cards to the children through age five.
• Schoenstatt – There is a Schoenstatt group that is currently meeting, if you would like to learn more.
• Baby Jesus Gift Shop – This is an annual fundraiser where hand crafted gifts are sold at nominal prices for children to buy things for their families during the Rosary Altar Christmas Bazaar. This fundraiser helps support projects for the group.
Bereavement Committee – This is part of the mission of Mary’s Helpers. A team meets with families to help plan Funeral Masses and to be a supportive presence on the day of the funeral. Support is also provided to the funeral dinner committee through the Rosary Altar Society. Follow-up is done with the families after the funeral through phone calls, cards and other materials. Planning is done for an annual Memorial Mass along with music ministry.
Catechist / Aide (PSR / GLORY) – You would be sharing your faith with the children of our parish. There is an aide assigned to each class as well. The Coordinator for PSR would work with you to walk you through the materials and resources needed to plan the classes. You can identify the age/grade with whom you prefer to work. The commitment is one class per week from September through April (excluding holidays). The Aide for the catechist would have the same calendar and would be there to support the catechist as needed.
Liturgy of the Word for Children – Weekly, during the 10:30 Sunday Mass, the children are offered the opportunity to hear the Mass readings and homily at an age-appropriate level. There are opportunities to lead the children or to serve in a support role.
Vacation Bible School – This is an opportunity to lead or assist with a program in the summer designed to give children extra time to connect with Jesus in a more casual and fun environment. The program is typically a week-long program designed to serve elementary children. Assistance is needed with program planning, activities and refreshments.
Baptismal Preparation – This program is led by a couple who leads a one-hour session to help families prepare their child for baptism. There is a video to be reviewed, and covering topics such as the role of godparents. The program coordinator would help familiarize you with the content and resources to train you for the class.
Marriage Preparation – This program is led by a couple who would meet with engaged couples two or three times to talk about their experiences and how to reconcile and deal with situations. The program coordinator would help familiarize you with the content and resources to train you for the class.
Rev. Nov, 2017
RCIA Team / Sponsor – There is an opportunity through this program for adults to learn about the Catholic faith and join the Church at the Easter Vigil. A team member of this program would help provide a suitable atmosphere for learning through being present for discussion or providing refreshments each week. A sponsor is someone who joins the candidate on their journey into the Church and beyond. As a sponsor, you would help them in their faith journey and collaborate with Father and the team.
Adult Education / Bible Study – This would be an opportunity to share your faith with others as the leader of an adult study program. The parish has access to many study programs through physical materials and on-line programs that are ideal to share with small groups.