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Dine Regularly

How often do you eat as a family? I bet most of us would say not as often as we like or not as much as we did in my childhood. Why is that not a priority for our families anymore? How are we too busy or distracted to make it happen? If you live by yourself or are empty nesters, how often do you have a meal with others?   I encourage you to dine regularly with others, whether it be with our family, friends, or strangers.

Deepen Relationships

During these meals have meaningful conversations. Deepen relationships with those around you. Deepen your relationship with Jesus, deepen your understanding of what He did for you. Personally commit to daily meditation. Gather with a small group of families and friends who desire a deeper friendship with God and make it a priority to spend time with them.

Daily Rosary or Decade

Include the Daily Rosary or Decade in your life. Use the website dailyrosary.net as guide to help you commit. Then invite others to pray with you when you are gathering for a meal and having deeper conversations. Here is an example of what a gathering would look like.

It’s simple and beautiful. Gather in the kitchen for snacks and drinks. Then move to another room for a meal. Regular movement takes all the pressure off things becoming awkward. After the meal, invite them to another room to pray the Rosary. Invite everyone to express their prayer intentions. Then listen to the Rosary podcast and pray along or print out the transcript of the five-point meditation and read and pray or read something from the Bible or a Saint and pray the Rosary. Immediately following ask these questions:  From the meditation, what was not surprising to you? What did surprise you? What is one thing that you would have the hardest time explaining to others? Talk about these things. Then have desert and drinks.

If you are planning a gathering, I would love to join as many as I can to help you along. Just call the office at 937-548-1616 or send me an email. --Fr. Matt

Here are some links for rosary helps:  One decade https://www.schooloffaith.com/one-decade-rosary

                                                             Daily rosary https://www.schooloffaith.com/rosary-archive



Regular Weekend Mass Times

Every Saturday      3:30pm  Confessions     4:30pm  Mass

Every Sunday 8:30 & 10:30am  Mass

2022 Lenten Schedule     March 2 through April 10 Palm Sunday

Every Tuesday      4:45-5:15 Confessions     5:30 pm Mass

Tuesday, April 12 Mass is at 8 am     8:30 am Confessions       No 5:30 pm Mass

Every Wednesday 8 am Mass    Eucharistic Adoration and Exposition      6 pm Confessions      7 pm Stations of the Cross

Every Thursday    Mass 11:30 am      Confessions 12:00 pm     

  Every Friday     8 am  Mass     8:30 am  Confessions     1:45pm  St. Mary's School Stations of the Cross


Holy Week   April 11 through April 17

Monday, April 11    8:00 am   Communion Service- Last one!

Tuesday, April 12      8 am  Mass      8:30 am  Confessions      No 5:30 pm Mass

Holy Thursday, April 14     7 pm Mass     8 pm   Adoration until Midnight

Good Friday, April 15    12 pm  Community Stations of the Cross     12:30-1:30 pm  Confessions     2 pm  Liturgy of the Word     3 pm Church decoratiing

Saturday, April 16     9 pm  Easter Vigil

Sunday, April 17     8:30 & 10:30 am  Easter Masses